Enjoy relaxing by reading a book or listening to music in one of our four swimming pools. Two of these pools are sea water, one being supplied with water direct from the sea, the other being filtered.

Large Swimming Pool
Grand Swimming Pool

The Grand Swimming Pool is 25metre long with 600m3 water capacity and fed by sea water, it is purified through a continuous circulating system and suitable for water-polo and swimming competitions and activities or simply swimming and relaxing with beautiful views overlooking the mountains and resort.

Rounds a swimming pool
Round Adult Pool

The Round Swimming Pool is very special. This unique, tranquil pool was built facing the historical Patara Gate, it is fed with sea water and purified through a system circulating from the waterfalls flowing among the historical Ionic columns.
Over 16s only allowed for adults to enjoy ultimate bliss and relaxation.

Terrace Pool
Indoor Spa Pool

A heated, fresh water indoor pool is located in the Health Club.

Indoor Swimming Pool
Infinity Terrace Pool

The Infinity Pool is located at the top of the hill, near the tennis courts and Club House which also serves drinks and snacks. Enjoy a drink by the pool overlooking the unique Kalkan bay view. There is a children's pool linked to the Terrace Pool, which has a small water slide. This pool is fed by fresh water

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